Khóa học cung cấp cho học viên

  • Chuyển cách nhìn sự lười biếng thành động lực để hành động
  • Kỹ thuật positivity reinforcement để làm củng cố niềm tin về khả năng vượt qua thử thách của bạn
  • Nhìn failure từ góc độ của một người thầy tin vào
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Benefits from the course

  • Tư duy và cách nhìn nhận mang tính chủ động và dẫn đến hành động.
  • Những kỹ thuật để củng cố niềm tin vào khả năng vượt lên thất bại.
  • Những chiến lược để duy trì và củng cố niềm tin và động lực để hành động mỗi ngày.

About Teacher

  • Jen-image

    Jen Vuhuong




    • Jen Vuhuong is an international speaker/writer/trainer/coach who helps people reach their personal and leadership potential.
    • Jen obtained her engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication and 2 excellent Masters degrees (International Management in the UK and Business Innovation and Technology Management in the UK) with best performance prize with the two top word scholarships Erasmus and Chevening British government scholarship.
    • As a speaker, she spoke at a Tedx event and at other international events such as Collaborative Leadership conference in Bradford university in the UK, YouthSpeak of AIESEC and HViet of Harvard students in Vietnam, Leadership from below of the UK embassy in Vietnam. She is also the winner of the International public speaking contest in Penang, Malaysia in 2017 and Vietnam in 2018. She also won the first prize in a public speaking contest in the US Embassy in Vietnam in 2018. As an author, she has published 5 books and is one of the top ten bloggers of Erasmus blog.
    • As a trainer, she has run an international seminar ‘Empower You’ on the topic of personal development in different countries such as the UK and Vietnam. She has also collaborated with different organizations and embassies to conduct leadership training for youth: the US Embassy, the UK embassy, Institute for strategic leadership development research Sleaders academy, Sao Khue talents academy, EYI public speaking, 2SPathways.
    • As a researcher, Jen has published 2 international research papers on the topic of learning and leadership.
    • Jen recently led Vietnam team win the first prize among 12 countries in a youth initiatives for sustainable development competition. She also got awarded to represent Vietnam to be the youth ambassador of World Youth Summit for Peace organized in Dubai Aug 2019 with the participants of 82 former prime ministers of 82 different countries in the world.
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