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Direct benefits:
How to have a right mindset to achieve a goal.
Identify what scholarship to apply.
Identify the action plan to achieve a full scholarship.
How to write an effective outstanding essay.
How to get recommendation letter.
How to prepare before going abroad.
How to deal with loneliness abroad.
How to prepare to come back and re-adopt in your own country.
Indirect benefits:
Self-awareness: Understand more about yourself.
Self-values: Appreciate yourself.
Gain clarity on why do you want to achieve a goal such as a full scholarship.
Think bigger for yourself.
Develop a growth and service mindset - the mindset of successful people.
Identify detailed steps to achieve a goal especially a scholarship.
Gain motivation and commitment to take daily action.

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  • Jen Vuhuong is an international speaker/writer/trainer/coach who helps people reach their personal and leadership potential.
  • Jen obtained her engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication and 2 excellent Masters degrees (International Management in the UK and Business Innovation and Technology Management in the UK) with best performance prize with the two top wor
  • As a speaker, she spoke at a Tedx event and at other international events such as Collaborative Leadership conference in Bradford university in the UK, YouthSpeak of AIESEC and HViet of Harvard students in Vietnam, Leadership from below of the UK emb
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