Achieve any goal
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Those who want to achieve certain goal in their life.
Those who want to learn about the mindset of the goal achievers to achieve their goal especially a full scholarship to study abroad.
Those who want to create a clear action plan to achieve a goal especially a full scholarship.
Those who want to learn about the essential elements of achieving a goal.
Those who want to learn how to identify why to study abroad.
Those who want to learn about the myth of scholars.
Those who want to apply for top world scholarships such as Chevening or Erasmus.
Mô tả tổng quát

Have you ever felt that you could explode because you had been keeping something to yourself for so long but you had not shared it with others in a way that could be beneficial to their lives yet? I have been struggling with this feeling myself after over 7 years of applying for various scholarships. I cannot express how grateful am for the 5 scholarships which were awarded to me, particularly Erasmus and Chevening, which allowed me to study a full master’s degree in Spain and in the UK. These were two of the most important milestones in my life. Therefore, I feel compelled to share what I have learned with others, who are now walking on the same journey – developing ourselves and make a contribution to life.

I truly believe that if we can share what we have been through with other people, we will feel more fulfilled because someone else will benefit from it. At the same time, it will be a way of expressing our gratitude for the opportunities that we have had. It is even better if this can inspire the readers to share their experience with others after their own achievement.


If you are reading this, it is for you. You will find it is about more than achieving a scholarship, rather it is about accomplishing anything in your life; as long as you are ready, you trust in yourself, and you take action on it. I am honoured because our journeys in pursuing our life goals have crossed here. I am looking forward to seeing you step up in life. You deserve it and you can do it!


The course is based on my book "The goal achiever" ( thegoalachiever) includes different steps that can be used to take action everyday to make things happen, not only achieving a scholarship but also achieving other individual goals that you might have.

Yêu cầu khoá học
Yêu cầu của khóa học
* Being open minded to try
* Using a notebook to take notes and reflect
* Willing to help others to do the same if you get benefits from the course
Language level: Ideally, have advanced level of English to understand the concepts during the course. However, the most important factor is being eager to learn and take action then you can still get ideas through body language, the energy and the way I speak - and with that you may also improve your English skills as you learn subconsciously - that's what I did at the beginning of my learning English journey.
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Số bài: 12
Thời lượng 01:57:13
Chương 1: Giới thiệu khoá học
3 Bài
Chương 1: Giới thiệu khoá học
3 Bài
Chương 1: Giới thiệu khoá học
3 Bài
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