Trang chủ Phát triển cá nhân Unleash your Passion
Unleash your Passion
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Those who want to connect with themselves, define who they are and live up to their best true self.
Those who have a desire to define what they want to do and love what they do.
Those who want to live fully without being limited by social norms.
Those who have ambition or dream or goal to make a difference in the world.
Those who are in a transition time of life: graduating from university, changing career, wanting to start a business.
Mô tả tổng quát

Have you ever felt …
Tired when you wake up and told yourself 'oh no! Another day?’ Have no energy and focus to accomplish your goals? Lack of confidence about yourself when you see others being more successful? Tormented at the end of each day because you did not do what you needed to do?
Or have you ever felt ...
An exciting feeling when you wake up each day and say to yourself, "It's going to be another great day!”. Endless energy and focus can help you achieve any goal. Speak with confidence in yourself, "if anyone can do it, then so can I" and "if nobody has done it, then why not give it a try?" A sense of gratitude and pride because "I have done my best" at the end of each day.
If you ever had these feelings – the positive and the negative – the feelings that make you lack confidence about yourself, tired, not taking necessary action to achieve what you want; or the feelings that make you feel confident about yourself, taking determined action to achieve your goals? If you have, you have experienced the moments of connection with “the negative” and “the positive” seeds within you. If you have experienced these mixed feelings, you have experienced the moments of connecting with the not yet good and best part of you.
Maybe you wonder “how can I let the positive part of me develop each day?”, “how can I let the best part of me demonstrate each moment so I can be my true self and achieve what I want in life?” How can I live everyday with passion: do what I love, love what I do, develop my best, do my best, contribute my best and enjoy my best?
I have asked myself these questions during my development journey. There are bad moments, good moments. There are difficulties, there are opportunities. There are times when I have wanted to give up, there are times when I have courageously stood up with fire. I found the answer for these questions, I have been practicing the answer everyday and I have seen the results. I realised there is a thing that is not changeable, this is the fact that different events, different feelings will eventually come during our development journey. But we always have a choice, we can decide how to deal with them. If we choose the negative “seeds” and act upon them, we have negative results. With the same principle, if we choose the positive seeds and act upon them, we have positive results (perhaps not what we wanted, but we should have a positive attitude to learn from it). And if we take action everyday with our best version, the “seeds” of our best self will grow and bloom and produce other great “seeds” – we inspire others to be their best.

From a little girl coming from the countryside with an environment that encourages different negative “seeds” by giving me different labels “the ugly kid, the impossible kid, the stubborn kid”; I found ways to connect with the positive seeds and grew it everyday to live with my best everyday. From an “ugly, impossible, stubborn” kid, I became a smiley kid, a good engineer with good presentation skills, a scholar of the top world scholarships, travel, live and work in over 20 countries and now live for my mission – to help you to become your best by doing my passion of writing, speaking and training. There are still and always difficulties on the journey, that means I am growing and doing something worth trying. I wake up each day with gratitude to be able to make a choice to grow the seeds of my best self to fully live with passion. I would like to invite you to join this journey.
The journey of defining what you love to do, loving what you do, developing your best, doing your best, contributing your best and enjoying your best every moment of life – a journey of unleashing your passion!

Yêu cầu khoá học
Yêu cầu của khóa học
Being open minded to try.
Using a notebook to take notes and reflect.
Willing to help others to do the same if you get benefits from the course.
Language level: Ideally, have advanced level of English to understand the concepts during the course. However, the most important factor is being eager to learn and take action then you can still get ideas through body language, the energy and the way I speak - and with that you may also improve your English skills as you learn subconsciously - that's what I did at the beginning of my learning English journey.
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Chương 1: Giới thiệu khoá học
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Chương 1: Giới thiệu khoá học
3 Bài
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